Oil-Free Piston Air Compressor

Surroundings compressors are critical devices of all jobsites, used to power equipment and complete many jobs. … One important difference is selecting between an air compressor that uses an oil-lubricated pump and one which utilizes an oil-free design.

Some air compressors use oil. … Your small 12 volt surroundings compressors and several of the jobsite versions do not require essential oil. The oil you put in works as a lubricant to keep the machinery inside running at complete efficiency. Using the proper type of oil is essential to keep it Oil-Free Piston Air Compressor china functioning as it should.

Our direct drive compressor motor assemblies which range from 0.75 Hp – 5.5 Hp using the innovative in piston ring materials. The effect is a dependable and long lasting way to obtain oil free air.